7. Software Tools
Note: see my reviews/discussion of these tools in chapter 6. I am not able to answer any queries about or offer any support for, these software tools.
Journaling/narrative planning
Lifejournal   http://www.lifejournal.com (PC and Web)
Writers Cafe  http://www.writerscafe.co.uk (PC, Mac, Linux)
Digital Notebooks
Onenote    http://www.onenote.com (PC, Mac, tablet, Web)
Evernote   http://www.evernote.com (PC, Mac, tablet, Web)
Hypermedia authoring and analysis
Storify  https://storify.com/ (web application)
Scrivener http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php  (general purpose writing tool, PC and Mac)
Mindmapping and outlining
Mindjet http://www.mindjet.com/mindmanager/ (PC, Mac, tablet, Web)
Novamind https://www.novamind.com/  (PC, Mac, tablet, Web)
Inspiration http://www.inspiration.com/Inspiration  (PC, Mac, IOS)
Webspiration Pro  http://www.webspirationpro.com/ (Web)
Specialist Qualitative Data Analysis
Atlas.ti http://atlasti.com/product/ (PC, Mac and tablets)