Thematic Analysis
Work, at least initially, with a broad definition of ‘narrative’.
  1. Focus on what is said.
  2. Remember that themes frequently come from prior research and are often refined and supplemented by work on the selected materials.
  3. Remember also that the narrative materials are often used to confirm, exemplify, illustrate, and explore these prior themes.
  4. Focus on the individual text as a whole. Even if you are working with multiple narratives/cases, you should work on each text as a whole – after close reading of the individual text, you can then move on to explore themes across texts.
You might want to use a template structured as a table (in many instances you will be working with just one narrative text/case). This is useful both as a data organization and presentation aid.  For example:
In the site's resources repository you can find a generic template to help in thematic analysis.